Playboy Magazine (1976).

Saturday, July 16, 2014

10:21 PM

It’s okay to feel. I’ve always wondered why everyone’s trying to seem “dark and emotionless and mysterious.” It’s like everyones collectively forgotten that human beings as species have feelings and emotions. I know sometimes it might seem easier to come off as cold and emotionless, but your doing yourself an injustice. You get one life. One chance to make an impact on as many people as you can. People aren’t going to remember the mysterious and emotionless version of you. People will remember the real you. The person that lights up from the inside out when their favorite song comes on. Or the person that laughs long and loud when they find something funny. Or the person that cries and screams for hours when someone breaks her heart. Everyone should stop trying to show people their lack of emotions and start using that energy to show people what they’re feeling and when they’re feeling it. You’re too beautiful to pretend you don’t exist.